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The Ultimate Soundtrack: The Hollis Weekly Top 20 Playlist for Every Mood and Moment.

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Naked Gypsy Queens this Wednesday Doors @ 7pm (more details below)

Playlist Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Hollis's latest musical voyage unfurls with audacious tracks handpicked to ignite the senses and stir the soul:

First on the scene, Bleachers' "Modern Girl" bursts with modern energy, a testament to the vibrant pulse of our time.

Ween's "Gabrielle" follows, a whimsical trip through the mind's kaleidoscope, where eccentricity reigns supreme.

Annie Taylor's "Schoolgirl" dances into view, a vivacious anthem of youthful exuberance and unbridled spirit.

"The Midnight Callers" evoke the city's heartbeat with "New York Tramp," a sonic journey through the bustling streets and the stories they hold.

Fever Dog's "Bruiser" emerges like a sonic thunderbolt, its electrifying sound shaking the very foundation of the playlist.

The Courettes unleash "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns," an explosive fusion of surf rock and punk that leaves no room for complacency.

The Rellies' "Monkey" swings into the mix, a catchy tune that's impossible to resist, like a mischievous melody in the jungle of sound.

And then, the Rolling Stones bless us with the "Sweet Sounds of Heaven," a timeless classic that reminds us why they're legendary.

In the spirit of Hollis's curation, this playlist is more than just a collection of songs; it's a journey of discovery through soundscapes both familiar and uncharted. Each track paints a vivid stroke on the canvas of emotion and experience, inviting you to explore the depths of music's power to touch the soul.

After the playlist goes live on Sundays, the Top 20 songs are then placed into heavy rotation on our 24/7 streaming Eighth Room Radio 1 channel. It's a continuous sonic adventure, a musical odyssey that never ceases to inspire and captivate.



  1. Modern Girl - Bleachers

  2. Gabrielle - Ween

  3. Schoolgirl - Annie Taylor

  4. New York Tramp - The Midnight Callers

  5. Bruiser - Fever Dog

  6. Bikini Girls With Machine Guns - The Courettes

  7. Monkey - The Rellies

  8. Fa Fa Fa - Hong Kong Wigs

  9. Machete Western - The Family Rain

  10. Don't Cling To Life - The Murder Capital

  11. Let Me Breathe - The Reytons

  12. Mayday Mayday - Her Clockworks

  13. Top Brass - Matt Berry

  14. I Want You (Any Way I Can) - Jim Jones All Stars

  15. She's About A Mover - Doug Sahm

  16. California Sober (feat. Willie Nelson) - Billy Strings

  17. Whiskey - Kenny Knight

  18. Sooner Than Later - Dale Hallow

  19. Everlasting Love - 49 Winchester

  20. Sweet Sounds Of Heaven (feat. Lady Gaga) - The Rolling Stones


Get ready to witness a rock 'n' roll revolution as the Naked Gypsy Queens seize control of The Eighth Room's Rock N Roll Residency every Wednesday throughout the electrifying month of October. These shows are not just gigs; they're seismic events that will leave you breathless.




The Naked Gypsy Queens, my friends, are the unapologetic saviors of rock 'n' roll in the heart of Nashville. They're not merely a band; they're a cosmic odyssey through the very essence of the genre.

Picture this: a quartet of untamed, passionate musicians, each with a background as diverse as the colors in a psychedelic rainbow. When these maestros step onto the stage, they don't just play music; they unleash a sonic tempest that will rattle your core and set your soul ablaze.

Their frontperson is a charismatic force of nature, oozing charisma from every pore. The audience is irresistibly drawn into their enchanting world, much like moths to a mesmerizing flame. Armed with a treasure trove of original compositions and timeless covers, the Naked Gypsy Queens are on a mission to rekindle the fiery spirit of rock 'n' roll, leaving crowds clamoring for encores with each and every performance.

In the epicenter of Nashville's musical chaos, these cats are the tornado you never saw coming, leaving a trail of blown minds and ringing eardrums in their wake. Brace yourselves, for the Naked Gypsy Queens are here to rock your world like never before.


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