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The Hollis Vibe Weekly Top 20

Playlist Updated: March 19, 2023

The Hollis Vibe’ has delivered yet another round of insanely addictive music to our new weekly Top 20 #playlist on Spotify. Music handpicked, approved and curated by our very own Jason Hollis, which showcases the cutting edge to up and coming world musical talent.

After the playlist goes live on Sundays the Top 20 songs are then placed into heavy rotation on our 24/7 streaming Eighth Room Radio 1 channel.

Hollis explains: "this weeks playlist was inspired by Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco, Custom Gold Rings and JCB Truffle Infused Vodka " and features a killer line up of new and eclectic music from artists:


Opus Kink

The Mysterines

Rolling Blackouts Coastal

The Lounge Society

Anthony Szmierek

Marxist Love Disco Ensemble


B.T. Express

Iggy Pop

John Prine

Sacha Distel

Burnout Brigade

The Pink Spiders and more....

Hollis' Weekly Top Track goes to The Lounge Society - Burn The Heather


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