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Revelry Drops “Part-Time Playboy” Video 🔥

Nashville’s rising southern rock band, Revelry, just released their brand new video for, 'Part-Time Playboy' and it's fire! Part-Time Playboy gives the audience the perfect energy with electrifying instrumentation and contagious melodies. Revelry brings confidence and swagger to the table like no other, beckoning back to some of the greatest sounds that ever emerged from rock music from the ’70s forward.

Revelry’s new smash hit, Part-Time Playboy is a fusion of modern rock and roll, rooted in the classics. The song narrates the life of a working man, who, every once in a while, takes a break from his usual mundane life to let loose. Revelry includes the members, Zack Montgomery, Andrew “Redd Byrdd” Howell, J Whorley, Dane Lovvorn, and Cruze Blanke.

Revelry’s music is inspired by the classic rock of the ’70s, and influenced by their country roots. The themes of hard work leading up to a much-needed break are characteristic of the country genre. Lead vocalist Montgomery sings, “He’s running on his last leg, tryna get a paycheck/Breaking his damn back, tryna catch a damn break/He ain’t got no money, but the lights are still on/Went to work this morning, now he’s front row at the show.” The influence of country music is no surprise, since the band members also take great inspiration from artists such as Waylon Jennings and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Part-Time Playboy delivers the heat!

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